Who are we?

We live in a time when eating quickly, in line with our dietary needs and at a reasonable price is a real challenge.

Where the very knowledge of plant varieties and other natural resources is not sufficiently relayed and even less exploited wisely.

Where the nutritional values ​​necessary for a good food balance, consumed on a daily basis are not controlled.

Where habits and culinary traditions encroach on good, elaborate, complete, new and healthy cuisine.

Where 315 million people have type 2 diabetes worldwide, including around 500,000 in Switzerland.

Where 70% of the deaths referenced worldwide are due to cancers and diabetes directly linked to food. This equates to 50 Boeing 707 crashes per hour

Our concept revolves around a main idea: the proposal and recommendation of subscriptions to tailor-made dishes, in line with the morphology and objectives of each and everyone.

We invite you to discover an innovative universe Created in April 2018, by Sohail Gilani and Stephane Gonzalez.

Themealprep is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

fat mass and muscle mass gain. The idea is to save you time, energy, and above all, you will benefit from an unprecedented offer, that of tailor-made meals delivered to your home for the week. Your progress must be done in a lasting and serene manner.